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Hypnosis - How It Can Help You Achieve What You Really Want!

Mr. Hypnosis is a project of Dr. Ray T. White,Ph.D, Ray began his hypnosis education while he was studying psychology at an Armed Forces Extension University in France during the 60's. He underwent further training under Dr. Ron Dante in 1985, who at that time was the premier hypnotist in the world. Ray was certified as a Hypnotherapist by the Psycho Neurology Foundation and was a member of of The American Hypnotherapy Association. Ray has continued his hypnosis training and was awarded the title of "Master Hypnotist" and awarded a Diploma in Hypnotherapy by HMI, the largest Hypnosis training school in the US. Ray is Certified as a Master NLP Practitioner by the American University of NLP. Since 2007 Ray has also been enrolled in a Doctoral Program and has a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics. Ray was awarded a Ph.D in Holistic Life Coaching by the University of Sedona in 2014.

In his 30 plus year career Ray was involved with the Dale Carnegie Organization for 9 plus years learning and helping others learn ways to bring positive changes into their lives. Ray also taught hundreds of sales people increase their earnings by teaching them how to change their attitudes of mind.

In Ray's Own Words:

I have been involved helping people achieve their wants, wishes and desires for over 30 years, mostly working for companies who hired or trained sales people. During this period I used hypnosis and self hypnosis techniques to give them tools to reach their sales goals.

In the past several years it has become more and more apparent that most people are struggling with issues that are holding them back, so I have decided to brush up on my hypnosis skills and offer my services to the general public. Folks are under more and more stress due to the economy and other circumstances beyond their control. Foreclosure rates are at a all time high, folks are struggling more and more just to pay their regular monthly bills. Stress levels are going higher and higher. Hypnosis can help folks face some of these issues by showing them positive ways to reduce their stress levels and increase their self esteem.

Through the power of Hypnosis you can truly bring exciting changes into your life. Have you ever gone to a pep rally or listened to tapes or CD's about self improvement ideas. Got all excited, tried to implement some of the concepts and ideas, then 10 to 30 days later got frustrated and gave up. Then you decided that these ideas didn't work well the truth is, many times they can and will work but you need to program your mind to allow them to work. My desire is to help you achieve what you want. Its just that simple!

Ray is a Metaphysician, Certified Master Hypnotist and a Member of the American Hypnosis Association and the Hypnotherapist Union of the AFL/CIO. Dr. Ray is also a Certified Master NLP Practioner, and has a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching from the University of Sedona. Want to find what some of our clients and others think about hypnosis? Just Click Here