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Who Uses Hypnosis to Improve Their Lives

Hypnosis is used by Doctors, Lawyers, Butchers, Bakers, Candlestick Makers and everyone in between.

Here are some comments from some of my clients.

I've been using the Relaxation in the Forest cd for several months now and have recommended it to several of my clients. I love it! I call it my "personal power nap" cd and have incorporated it into my daily rituals early afternoon. Since I have been using the cd, I don't have that afternoon droop I've had for years and, I've found I sleep better at night too! Good rest is so important to healing and health. Whether you have a hectic schedule and burn the candle at both ends or are just looking for that little "burst" of energy, this cd could definately help.

Thanks Mr. Hypnosis. I'm looking forward to using some of your other programs in the future.
In good health,
Dr. Shelly J. Dowling

It had been a hectic day. When I walked into the meeting with Ray White, i was so frazzled and tired, I considered rescheduling the meeting. But we went ahead with the session. Within minutes I was fully relaxed, and by the end of the hypnosis session, my mind was sharp and clear, and my energy was back as if I'd had a great nights sleep! I strongly recommend it for anyone with an open mind. Even the next day, I was able to use the anchor Ray gave me to get back to a significitly relaxed and clear state.

Ed Oakley
CEO Enlightened Leadership Solutions
co-author, Leadership Made Simple & Elightened Leadership

I have listened to several of Ray White's CDs, and I have benefited immensely from all of them. Ray has devised CDs for me that I have used to boost confidence in my goal-achieving capabilities, boost confidence in my ability to enter into successful relationships, and boost confidence in my ability to be a good teacher for my students.

Without Ray's Cds I would not have the tools that have allowed me to accomplish (with style and grace) all of the things I have accomplished to date; the CDs allow me to take charge of my own hypnosis while I am not in sessions with Ray White. The CDs, therefore, allow me to become my own counselor. . . I can listen to the CDs each night before I go to bed to end a particularly stressful day, or to speed up my own progress.

Here is what a long time customer has to say!

Some Hollywood Actors and Famous Athletes Who Have Used Hypnosis to Improve Their Lives!

Ben Affleck ; smoking
Winona Ryder
Samuel Jackson : smoking
Kelly Ripa : fear of flying
Kevin Costner : sea-sickness
Ellen DeGeneres : smoking
Ashton Kutcher
Courteney Cox : smoking
Drew Barrymore : smoking
Debra Messing: fear of water
Martha Stewart : nightmares
Sylvester Stallone : nerves
David Beckham : OCD
Jack Niklaus : concentration
Fergie : relaxation- smoking- drugs
Justin Timberlake
Charlize Theron : smoking,
Billy Joel : smoking,
Eva Mendes : nail-biting
Roger Daltry,
David Arquette : smoking
Aaron Eckhart : alcohol
Montel Williams
Florence Henderson : depression
Kristi Yamaguchi
Mark Knopfler
Tiger Woods : relaxation, golf control
Nick Faldo : concentration
Lily Allen : slimming,
Matt Damon ; smoking

What Does The Mainstream Media Say About Hypnosis?

BusinessWeek In a article in February 2004 said "Although still not well understood, hypnosis has gained credibility in the past five years because of research using the latest brain-imaging technology. PET, MRI, and EEG scans show that hypnotized subjects have altered sensory perception -- and they're not just pushovers, play-acting, or highly imaginative, as once thought. Studies show hypnosis can help treat a multitude of disorders from asthma to warts."

WebMD Wrote "During the past 10 years, Hypnosis has slipped quietly into mainstream medicine -- helping people quit smoking, even cut back or stop using pain and anxiety medications. There's good research backing it up. But many people don't really understand what hypnosis is all about. Marc Oster, PsyD said "Hypnosis is merely a tool -- a technique to tap into the subconscious, says Oster, who heads the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. No pocket watches are involved and no one clucks like a chicken afterward. In fact hypnosis is a state of concentration and focused attention. With it the mind can be more powerful. You simply have slipped into your subconscious.

NewsWeek Wrote "A growing body of research supports the ancient practice of Hypnosis as an effective tool in the treatment of a variety of problems, from anxiety to chronic pain. Today, as practitioners work to assess and refine the clinical applications of hypnosis, they are also exploring its underlying mechanisms, using state-of-the-art imaging technology to document changes in the brain that occur when someone is in a hypnotic state. This increased understanding of how hypnosis works and what it does makes it a legitimate option for patients whose needs have not been met by more traditional methods.

The Mayo Clinic In an article said "Hypnosis, also referred to as hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion, is a trance-like state of mind. It is usually achieved with the help of a hypnotherapist and is different from your everyday awareness. When you're under hypnosis:
Your attention is more focused
You're deeply relaxed and calm
You're more open to suggestions, and less critical or disbelieving
The purpose of hypnosis is to help you gain more control over your behavior, emotions or physical well-being.

Dr. Ray is a Metaphysician, Certified Master Hypnotist and a Member of the American Hypnosis Association and the Hypnotherapist Union of the AFL/CIO. Ray is also a Certified Master NLP Practioner. Dr. Ray was awarded a Ph.D in Holistic Life Coaching from the University of Sedona.

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