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We need to explore our inner thoughts and determine what we really want. Everything we are, is created by what we believe. The Conscious Mind is only about 15% of our total mind. Our Subconscious Mind, which also contains the Unconscious Mind, makes up the other 85%. The Unconscious Mind controls all the autonomic systems like breathing and heart beating. It also contains all our memories from birth and possibly somewhat before. It records all without making a judgment of right or wrong. It simply stores everything based on whether it is known or unknown.

The Subconscious processes these stored memories and processes them as a known. The Subconscious creates your life script based on the information you or others have fed it. As a child, your Conscious mind allows everything you see, hear, feel, experience and think to pass into the Subconscious Mind. The mind of the child accepts what a person of authority tells them. So, if a caregiver tells Johnny or Mary you are a bad boy or bad girl, after a few times these thoughts become embedded in the Subconscious Mind and Johnny thinks he is a bad boy and Mary thinks she is a bad girl. Now, let's say the child takes a little longer to absorb information than the caregiver thinks is "normal" and they tell the child "you are a slow learner". Guess what, they have now turned a perfectly normal child into a slow learner. Whatever the child is told up until about age eight has gone directly into their Subconscious Mind and created the child's life script.

After age eight, you will still react to what you think, it just takes a little longer to get stored. As an example, if you say to yourself, "I hope I don't fail that test tomorrow", guess what, you just set yourself up to fail. Or if you are walking on an icy path and say "I hope I don't fall", you just increased the probability you will fall. The more you say these things the higher the probability they will come to pass. Or, another example is a person who wishes to bring more abundance into their lives, but refers to extremely wealthy people as being "filthy rich". Or, folks who think of themselves as being poor, they are right; they have created a self image of being poor.

Some of these things you can change on your own. If you are facing a test, you can visualize yourself successfully completing the test with flying colors, realizing that you can pass all tests with flying colors. Most other changes you want to make require a little help. This is where we come into the picture. Through hypnosis and therapeutic guided imagery, we can help you make the lasting changes you are seeking. We can help you Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life.

Many people are curious about hypnosis and therapeutic guided imagery but are hesitant to give it a try. That is why we are offering an introductory session for FREE. The purpose of this session is to introduce you the power of hypnosis and therapeutic guided imagery. We will discuss what the process does and how it works for the specific area of your life you wish to change. During the session, I will give you some tools you can use to bring more peace and tranquility into your life and deal with stress better. If at the end of the session, you wish to make changes in specific areas of your life we will work out a plan to accomplish those desires. We will also give you special pricing to make the program affordable.

Just to further explain what we are doing and why. You will receive a FREE introductory session without any obligation to go further. If you decide, at the end of the free session, that you wish to make beneficial changes in your life we will design a program to make that happen and at a reduced rate. If you decide not to go any further at this time, that is OK too. You will leave the FREE session with some tools you can use to reduce stress in your life.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy - How It Can Help You Achieve What You Really Want!

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