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Many athletes defeat themselves because of their thinking!

The game always starts in the mind of the athlete first. Consistent mental preparation will lead to consistent results. Your subconscious mind controls your game. Many athletes defeat themselves before the game even starts because of their thoughts and beliefs. They spend a lot of time practicing the game but not enough time on their mental programming. Our CD program helps you improve your game where it all starts… in your mind.

You can have all the physical talent in the world; you can practice long and hard hours until you reach near perfection. But if you don't have supreme self-confidence and the mindset of a winner, you will pull up short of the goal. One of the things you will learn from our program is that striving for perfection can actually lead to diminished performance. Our system is designed to help you reach excellence in your sport.

Mental training has been used for years to give athletes the competitive edge. Mental training is used in pro sports and even Olympic Training programs. Many coaches believe that winning is 90% mental and 10% physical. This is even more prevalent in sports where the difference between winning and also ran are measured in hundreds of a second or tenths of an inch.

Your mind controls your body. Your results are not determined by just your physical abilities, but are highly influenced by your mental state. You have heard the saying many times Change Your Thinking - Change Your Life. Well that is not just our slogan but it is the real difference between mediocrity and excellence in all things including all types of sports.

This CD set includes a powerful CD that address athletic performance. We use guided Imagery to help you achieve the athletic excellence you know you are capable of obtaining.

Researchers have discovered through the use of PET scans of the brain that the same parts of the cerebral cortex are activated when we imagine an event as when the event actually takes place. The mind does not distinguish the difference between imagination and reality.

A high performing athletic client of mine who also liked to avoid practice asked me. So does that mean I don't have to practice as much? The answer is NO! But what is does mean you will increase your performance by using the techniques I teach you on these CD's.

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