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Relaxation in The Forest -Power Nap

Relaxation in The Forest -Power Nap Image

Take A Mini Vacation

Ever wish you could just get away from it all during a hectic or trying day. Like maybe you could just go off into a beautiful forest meadow and just relax. We provide the perfect too to help you take that mini vacation.

This CD is the perfect "First One" if you have never tried hypnosis or guided imagery and just want to try it out or if you are a seasoned hypnosis user you will love this new approach.

This program provides a form of creative relaxation that allows you to let go of stress and recharge your batteries. Your unconscious (subconscious) mind seeks balance and this hypnotherapy CD provides the tools it needs to create internal harmony and help you face the challenges of the day with a clear mind.

You will find you use this CD often and the positive benefits improve many facets of your life.

We are currently offering this CD at this low price because we have found the stress levels of folks we talk to is extremly high and they need the mini-vacation this CD provides.

To Your Health! Please enjoy!

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