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A Good Nights Sleep Is Vital To Your Good Health!

A Good Nights Sleep Is Vital To Your Good Health! Image

The Mayo Clinic says over 42 Million people take sleeping pills to get a good nights sleep!

A good Nights Sleep is vital to good health. It is essential to your physical and mental well being. Medical research has shown sleep deprivation can lead to many serious problems including:
1. High Blood Pressure.
2. Increased Infections.
3. Cardiovascular disease.
4. Diabetes.
5. Depression and Irritability
6. Memory Problems, difficulty concentrating and learning.
7. According to the Mayo Clinic people with sleep disturbances have twice as many car accidents as the general population.

All experts agree that natural sleep is best.

Natural sleep provides enough dreaming time to allow your mind to sort through the issues of the day. It provides physical and mental restoration that increases learning, elevates the mood and enhances your memory while revitalizing your physical body.

This is a 2 CD Set One to use at Bedtime and One During The day!

This 2 CD set gives you one CD to use at night when you go to bed. The calm peaceful message and relaxing music allows you to drift off easily into a relaxing deep sleep and reinforces your ability to always sleep deeply and soundly when you lie down to sleep.

The second CD is used during the daytime to give you a short rejuvenating power nap and reduce stress. We have found that many times people are inundated with so much stress during the day it ads to their sleep problems at night. Whenever you feel stressed during the day just take a 20 minute break, play this CD and get totally revitalized.

This 2 CD set will help you get the Good Nights Sleep you need and deserve naturally.

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