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Reduce Stress Through Hypnosis! And Save $9.99

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Some Stress is Good But, Too Much Too Often is Bad.

Stress is a built in reflex that is designed to protect us from danger. It is called the Fight or Flight reflex. When we are faced with a dangerous situation the body and mind switch into this mode. Adrenaline levels increase which speeds up the heart rate increase your breathing and gives you a burst of energy.

Too much stress, too often can have many adverse effects on your health. Stress has been linked to headaches, back pain, sleeping disorders and a weakened immune system making it harder to fight off disease. Some people become moody and even depressed when subjected to too much stress

Unfortunately due to the normal hustle and bustle of life we may not be able to totally remove stress from our lives but we can help you manage the stress and make it less harmful.

Relaxation is The Solution to Stress!

Most people don't truly understand relaxation. They might think having a couple of brews or a glass or two of wine is relaxation. The type of relaxation we need to overcome stress is not chemically induced. It is mentally induced through meditation or Hypnosis and Guided Imagery.

There are four brain wave states.

1. Beta…this is our normal state when we are awake…14 to 35 cycles per second.
2. Alpha…occurs when we are daydreaming with eyes closed and relaxed …8 to 13 cycles per second.
3. Theta…occurs when we are dreaming while asleep hypnotized or in deep meditation…3 to 5 cycles per second.
4. Delta…occurs when we are unconscious or in very deep sleep…1 to 3 cycles per second.

Alpha, or hypnosis…is a natural state. It is a fact that we pass from Beta through Alpha every night before we fall asleep. And we pass from Theta-sleep-through Alpha when we awaken in the morning.

This CD guides you into an extremely relaxed state. You can use it during the day to take a quick relaxation fix. Using this CD is like taking a quick power nap so you can tackle the rest of your day.

You will find you use this CD often and the positive benefits improve many facets of your life.

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