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Physical Clutter Leads to Emotional Clutter!

In my practice I find a common thing that holds people back is physical and emotional clutter. If you are not organized physically and mentally it takes you more time to get things done. Emotional clutter is also tied to the physical clutter in our homes and offices. Every time you have to sort through things you no longer need, looking for something you do need ads to your aggravation.

Emotions Are Connected to Physical Objects.

Sometimes the emotion is a positive one Sometimes it is negative. Take stock of everything that you have been holding onto and analyze the emotion. Is it healthy or unhealthy? If it serves no value and is unhealthy it is time for it to go.

The space where we live and work reflects our physical and emotional well being. When we live and work in a disorganized area other parts of our life becomes disorganized. We have difficulty concentrating and getting things done. The more cluttered our physical space becomes the more cluttered and disorganized our mind becomes.

Physical and emotional clutter is actually a form of procrastination. Once we start to organize and eliminate the physical clutter in our life we send a powerful message to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind then starts to organize its self and this leads to more physical organization.

Through Hypnosis and Guided Imagery we help you clear both the physical and emotional clutter from your life.

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